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Rachel S

An interesting pattern of thought, especially in lieu of the political pandemonium running rampant in our country. The final paragraphs explaining that “the show must go on” describe almost exactly what Halperin and Harris termed “freak show politics” in their book about the 2008 presidential election. Truly, it appears that boredom has partnered with laziness to bring about this pandemic of political non-thinking within the general public—why waste one’s time considering deeper issues when clearly the media has given the general public all of the information it needs to make a sound decision? The state of the nation’s politics will not end until society begins to realize that it must engage itself beyond superficial punch-lines and commercialized sound-bytes.


Though I wanted to read the entire essay, I became bored and stopped midway. It is a sad commentary. For example, I almost feel too bored to write this message. Is boredom a manifestation of the futility of life? I wonder if Kleinberg mentioned that. I'll most likely never escape my boredom enough to find out. I believe that boredom is a luxury of the leisure class.

Susan Feldman

interesting comment on the nature of time, our work/income and value assigned over time for a spectrum of industry, or job. Most people I know participate in the saints stories and/or the cult of personality and politics on one level or another. And some are still non participatingly bored, in all ways if possible, beyone jobs, feeling of lack of control. Others are more literate, and employ boredom as an excuse any time for the sake of competitive "capital". It is a landscape of extremes, as you say, and seemingly self perpetuatingly silly. We are clocking our "other" than technological or stayed quickly and recently aquired imagination, for now, still. Are we still looking for something? Yes.

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